Marathon Sno-Kickers Snowmobile Club

Snowmobile Trail Permits - 2017 Season

Seasonal & Classic Trail Permits:

 All permits must be purchased on-line. Please visit the OFSC Online Permit Site for further information and the proper links. Buy early and save money!!

Replacement Permits:

Please contact the District Office for information on getting replacement permits.

Multi-Day Permits:

Multi-Day permits are only available online. Any number of  consecutive days, minimum 2 days. $35/day. Available after December 1st.

Getting Your Permits:

Permits (all types) are available to purchase online at the OFSC's Permit Portal:

- You will need to create an on-line account.

- You will need to select "Marathon Sno-Kickers Snowmobile Club" as your Home Club:

- In the box labeled "Enter a city, post code or address", enter "Marathon", click on "Search", and the map will zoom in on the north shore of Lake Superior. Under the map in the grey field under "Selected Club" should say "Marathon Sno-Kickers Snowmobile Club"

- Click on the button marked "Select"

It is the law in the Province of Ontario for each snowmobile using an OFSC Trail to display a valid snowmobile trail permit. This requirement applies to OFSC trails on private, Crown and municipal land, and is enforceable by police agencies, S.T.O.P. officers and Conservations Officers. (See the Regulations for specified trail permit exemptions; for example, landowners and their families when on their own property, commercial users such as licensed trappers and prospectors, and others.)


The fine for not having a valid Trail Permit is a minimum of $200 to a maximum of $1,000.

The fine for failing to display a valid Trail Permit in the identified location on the sled is $85.

Please read the following before purchasing your Snowmobile Trail Permit

If you wish to receive OFSC benefits and OFSC/club material, the "OFSC Terms and Conditions and Member Information" form must be completed and signed when you buy your trail permit. If this form is not completed and signed, your name cannot be released for OFSC benefits.

Assumptions Of Risks

Snowmobiling is an inherently risky off-road activity that occurs in an unpredictable natural environment, so every rider enters OFSC Prescribed trails at their own risk. Snowmobilers must know the "Assumptions for OFSC Trail Use" prior to using an OFSC Trail which  can be found at

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) located on the tunnel of the snowmobile must be supplied when you purchase your Snowmobile Trail Permit. The VIN can also be located on your ownership papers for your snowmobile and on your insurance card.

Sign Up! for OFSC Benefits at the same time you buy a Seasonal Trail Permit by signing the OFSC portion of the application form.

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Last updated 13 October 2017