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August 16, 2001 Images

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Fisheye view - Click for larger image

16 August 2001

A fisheye view of the bridge span at the start of the day. The 175t crane is in the process of moving to the west side of the river to lift the bridge to it's final position on the west side.

First section being lifted through the west tower - Click for larger image

The crane has lifted the west end of the bridge and is guiding the bridge through the west tower.

Some push required - Click for larger image

The D7 Cat on the east side of the river is doing a little pushing on the bridge to move it the last few feet

Bridge still being moved - Click for larger image

The crane had put down the bridge so the slings could be moved to the west side of the west tower. Now the crane has the end in the air and there is about thirty two feet left to go.

West end in position - Click for larger image

The first section of the bridge has now reached it's final resting place. The Iron workers are bolting the end of the bridge down to the concrete counter weights.

Crane/Bridge view - Click for larger image

Here is an image of the bridge all the way across the river. The crane is still supporting the west end as the swing plate in the west bridge tower base is attached to the bridge and tower foundation. The work day finished early due to rain.

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