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August 17, 2001 Images

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Fisheye view - Click for larger image

17 August 2001

A fisheye view of the bridge span at the start of the day. The 175t crane is back on the east side of the river.

Guide frame being dismantled - Click for larger image

While the 175t crane supports the east end of the bridge, the Iron workers dismantle the guide frame inside the east tower.

Cribbing being removed - Click for larger image

With the guide frame removed, the Iron workers and Carpenters work to remove the cribbing from inside the east tower.

Swing plate installation - Click for larger image

With all the temporary material removed, the Iron workers are now connecting the swing plate between the bridge and the base of the east tower.

East end of the bridge - Click for larger image

At this time, the swing plate is installed and the 175t crane is no longer supporting the bridge. The end of the bridge is floating about eight inches higher than were it will be bolted. Once bolted down, the bridge will be pre-stressed.

First Suspension Cable - Click for larger image

The 175t crane has left the site. The bridge is now bolted in place. Here you see the first end of the first 1.25 inch suspension cable being installed.

First Suspension Cable - Click for larger image

The second end of the first suspension cable is being installed.

Fisheye view - Click for larger image

Yet anther fisheye view of the bridge. This is how everything was left for the weekend.

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