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July 2001 Images

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Shore to Shore view looking north

26 July 2001

The west bridge tower is on the left, the east bridge tower is on the right. Picture is taken with a fish-eye lens. Note the curvature of the Highway 17 bridge shadow.

East Side Tower - Click for larger image

The east side tower is installed. The bridge will float inside the tower and on the concrete counterweight to the right.

West Side Tower - Click for larger image

The west side tower is installed. The bridge will be attached to the concrete counterweight on the left and float inside the tower.

First section of the Bridge - Click for larger image

29 July 2001

The first 1/3 of the bridge showed up yesterday. The center of this section will sit inside one of the towers. The right will sit on one of the concrete counterweights. You can see the attachment points for the cables that will go over the towers - three on each side of each end.

East Side Tower Base - Click for larger image

Closer image of the east side tower base. If you look closely you will see a structural frame laying inside the tower base. This will be pinned to the concrete pedestals on the bottom and pinned to the bottom side of the bridge on the top. The pins will act like hinges. This will allow the bridge to move lengthwise as it expands and contracts with changes in temperature.

East Side and West Side Towers - Click for larger image

View of the east side tower (close) and the west side tower. The east side concrete counterweight is shown at the bottom of the photo.

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