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August 14, 2001 Images

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First Lift - Click for larger image

14 August 2001

The first bridge section is being lifted.

First section being rotated - Click for larger image

The first bridge section was shipped backwards, so the crane is rotating the section. The crane is at it's limits to do this maneuver.

Winch Frame being installed - Click for larger image

The winch frame is being lowered on the first section of bridge.

First section going through tower - Click for larger image

With the winch frame attached, the first section of the bridge is being placed inside the east tower. Don't forget this section of bridge will end up on the other side of the river.

First section on guide frame - Click for larger image

The first section of bridge has been placed on the guide frame in the east side tower. The Iron workers are now attaching the lower pulley blocks from the trolley above to the winch frame. The steel cables will be attached to the two electric winches on the winch frame.

Trolley now free of tower - Click for larger image

The trolley riding on the two inch steel cables has been released from the east tower.

Precarious load - Click for larger image

This is as far as the first section of bridge got over the water today. The bridge was moved to the right for the night.

Secured for the night - Click for larger image

The half inch steel line on the Cat was replaced with one inch steel line. The bridge was secured for the night.

Third bridge section - Click for larger image

This is how the bridge sections were transported. Eight over width/length permits were required to deliver each bridge section from Elliot Lake to Marathon.

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