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Marathon Sno-Kickers Pic River Snowmobile Bridge Project

November 2000 Images

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East side of river ground work finished - Click for larger image

01 November 2000

The ground work on the east side of the Pic River is done. On the left you can see the concrete pillars for the bridge towers sticking out of the ground. On the right is the counterweight for the bridge.

Work progressing on the west side of the Pic River - Click for larger image

A view showing the work on the west side of the Pic River. On the lower right is the foundation for the bridge pillars. In the center is the form work for the counterweight.

Close up of the counterweight being formed - Click for larger image

The counterweight is formed up and rebar being installed.

West side pillar foundation concrete curing - Click for larger image

The concrete for the bridge pillars was poured over the piles yesterday. The rebar above the foundation is for the concrete pillars. Look very closely at the concrete foundation and see if there is anything that shouldn't be there.

04 November 2000

Another view of the east side of the Pic River. The pillars for the towers are on the left. The counterweight is near the center of the image.

The counterweight is finished on the west side of the Pic River. You can see how the counterweight is tied back to the pillars' foundation on the right with large steel pipes. Work proceeds on framing the pillars.

Closer view of the pillars being formed. Concrete work will be finished very soon.

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