Marathon Sno-Kickers Family Picnic 1999

The above picture was taken just a little to the east of south end of Goodchild Lake looking to the west. The D110A trail south to Marathon turns to the left at the first set of power poles. Goodchild Lake starts just to the right of the trees at the bottom the the hill.

This picture is taken from the same location as the previous picture. This is the view to the east. The D110A trail north cuts left into the bush just beyond the small hill and comes out of the bush near the top of the big hill. There is a picture below showing the view from the top of the hill to the west.

If you look at the above picture, you will see some rocks near the top of the hill. One of our intrepid snowmobilers climbed the hill the hard way with his snowmobile and topped the feat off by landing on top of a small bush. It was just above the rocks were this picture was taken:

Just north east of the hill above is this small lake.

Another intrepid snowmobiler tried to find a way to drive his snowmobiler to the lake above.

He didn't make it!

This is in a ravine on the east side of the hill shown above.

Here is the view from the top of the hill looking to the west.

You can see the south end of Goodchild Lake on the right side of the picture. Goodchild Lake is about 2 1/2 kilometers long in the north-south direction. The small dots in the center of the picture are snowmobiles and snowmobilers attending the picnic.

The picnic site. The only thing left to do is cut some sticks for cooking hot dogs over the fire. Pay particular attention to the table - constructed using only a cordless drill and a chain saw! We even made benches to sit on.

What do snowmobilers do at a picnic? Talk about snowmobiling! Only one person using the hand crafted benches.

Snowmobilers also like to look under the hoods of snowmobiles.


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Last updated 04 November 2003