Mark Frame Bridge

Marathon Sno-Kickers Pic River Snowmobile Bridge Project

Bridge complete and ready for the 2001/2002 season!

The Bridge to be built.

This is close to how the bridge will look when completed. Rowswell & Associates Engineers Ltd. placed a computer generated image of the bridge over an actual picture of the Pic River. The view is from the Highway 17 bridge, immediately to the south of where the bridge will be built, looking north. The complete length of the bridge is 368 feet.

The Bridge as of 24 August 2001, fisheye lens

This is how the bridge looked on 24 August 2001. The steel erection is finished. The wooden deck still needs to be installed. The above picture is taken from the highway 17 bridge using a fisheye lens.

The following two pictures were taken on Wednesday October 17, 2001. The wooden decking and hand rails are now installed. Just a few more nails are required to secure the planking. The first picture was taken from the highway 17 bridge using a fisheye lens. The second picture is taken from the river bank just slightly downstream of the highway 17 bridge using a wide angle lens.

The Bridge as of 17 October 2001, fisheye lens

The Bridge as of 17 October 2001, wide angle lens

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September 2000 - Initial ground preparation

October 2000 - Pile driving for the tower foundations, concrete poured on the east side.

November 2000 - Concrete work on the west side.

February 2001 - FedNor funding comes through.

July 2001 - Towers up, first bridge section arrives.

August 2-8 2001 - Second bridge section and Iron Workers arrive. Rigging starts.

August 9-11 2001 - Rigging is about done. Trolley in place.

August 13, 2001 - More site preperation work.

August 14, 2001 - Launching of the first bridge section starts.

August 15, 2001 - Second and third sections launched across the river.

August 16, 2001 - Bridge moved the rest of the way across the river. West side bolted in position.

August 17, 2001 - Bridge bolted down.

August 23, 2001 - Structural work complete. Suspension cables tensioned.

October 13, 2001 - The wooden deck is laid in place.

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